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Luke Burgher
Real Estate Broker
Mobile:  360.589.3009
Office Line:  360.249.8187


"Thanks in advance for the opportunity to serve you....."

The most recent broker to join our team is Luke Burgher and boy, are we fortunate to have him

Luke has been involved in business related fields for the better part of his working career, and he's excited about this opportunity to serve you and the community. He loves helping people in any way he can. In his free time he's busy being a husband to his beautiful wife, and a father to his 4 beautiful children, with sports and activities, there’s never a dull moment. Thanks in advance for the opportunity to serve you.

"Luke was awesome in our first time buying a home and explained everything. He let working to help us find the right home and once we found the home we have now we couldn’t be happier with our results. Luke had the patience and knowledge that helped us find our home. We would recommend Luke for anyone looking to buy a home for the first time." ~ Dominick T.
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