Dave Ramsey on Selling and Buying NOW

This may be just one opinion, but it is a well experienced and a well-educated opinion. Dave Ramsey does not see this market as a bubble. Nor does not see a benefit to waiting for a crash to purchase a new home. If you are waiting for more favorable prices he encourages you to...

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Gallup Poll Investment Graph

Real Estate Top Investment Choice

Real Estate Top Investment Choice Even in today’s challenging environment Americans continue to remain strong in their belief real estate is the best choice in long term investments. Gallup Polling has recently released the results this year’s survey which attempted to determine which long-term investment Americans value the most. Those who choose to respond...

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Technologies Role in a Changing World

Technology Adapting to a Changing World I am not sure it is possible for us to have any idea how dramatically our lives are going to change because of this pandemic. Many of us are discovering for the first-time new resources and technologies to help us communicate as well as work remotely from the...

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Experts Predict COVID-19 Related Economic Slowdown

Experts Predict COVID-19 Related Economic Slowdown? COVID-19 is certainly making its impact on people throughout this country as well as abroad. Most Americans have every right to be concerned about their health as well as the health and well being of the ones closest to them. Meanwhile the pandemic is not only making a...

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Mortgage Rate Impact on Owning your Home

One of the things we have discovered about the Grays Harbor real estate market in 2020 is that the trends started in 2019 do not appear to be slowing down. In fact, a quick review of the number of buyers who are currently looking for homes is up 20%, and corresponding home sales are...

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Equity and Appreciation

Financial Health and the Role of Home Ownership

The analytics of tracking home ownership and its potential to impact on our personal wealth has made tremendous improvement over the recent years.   The National Association of Realtors recently undertook a steady to review single family home prices over the last 30 years and the gains they make based on those years. They released...

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Do Price Increases Impact Affordability

For well over the last year we have witnessed moderation in home prices. If the process is not begun already there is at least a strong indication that home value appreciation is about ready to re accelerate. Zillow's Director of Economic Research, Skylar Olsen echoes the claim. He states, "A year ago, a combination...

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Couple on porch are downsized home

Benefits of Downsizing

Benefits of Downsizing in Today's Market Home values have been increasing for 93 consecutive months, according to the National Association of Realtors. If you’re a homeowner, particularly one looking to downsize your living space, that’s great news, as you’ve likely built significant equity in your home. Here’s some more good news: mortgage rates are...

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