July 2020 Market Update

Real Estate Market Update – July 2020 Whether you are in the market to purchase a home or you are considering putting your current residence on the market it is wise to be informed of the current trends in the real estate market. Jason Atwood, Designated Broker and Owner at Oly Pen Real Estate in READ MORE

Why is it Wise to Team Up with a Broker?

Why is it Wise to Team Up with a Broker? As a businessperson I learned early on that it is difficult to make good decisions regarding that which we are passionate about. Sometimes we can allow our passion to outpace our judgement. This can create overwhelming challenges. The same principles can hold true when it READ MORE

Is Selling Now the Right Time

Is Selling Now the Right Time? The National Association of Realtors recently released a survey of home sellers which reflected a reason for optimism for those considering selling their homes. The survey, which reached out to real estate agents around the country found 74% of them agreed that their sellers were not dropping their listing READ MORE

Virtual Tools for Real Estate Marketing

Virtual Tools for Real Estate Marketing Everything we do today has to be filtered through the lens of what is safe for us and the ones we love. With the challenges we face almost everything we do seems to take extra precautions and diligence. Selling your home in today’s environment is no exception. When polled READ MORE

Building Permits Start Fast in 2020

In the world of housing starts, January was a very good month. Data released by government trackers indicates that more than 1.5 million building permits were issued in the first month of 2020. This is a little over 9% increase from December of 2019 totals. It goes to reason that the number of building permits READ MORE

Today’s Soaring Markets vs 2008

For those who were expecting a year like last the 2020 residential real estate market demonstrated it was willing to throw some surprises their way.  Many experts suggest that the recent rate declines could help to contribute to helping that trend continue. Zillow economist, Jeff Tucker, has said that the data he has looked at READ MORE

Is Now the Time to Grow your Home

Is Now the Time for Growing your Home? One of the things we discover when we look at the housing market in Grays Harbor is that homeowners have a lot of factors working to their benefit. One of the factors it seems to be benefiting homeowners is the appreciation in price. This is especially true READ MORE

Pricing for a Quick Sale

Pricing Your Home for Quick Sale The market trends are undeniable. Everyday there’s more people searching to buy homes. Consequently, setting up the right price is one of the most important considerations you can do when preparing your home for quick sale. A recent review of the latest Home Price Index reveals home values have READ MORE

2020 Housing Inventory Trends

Early 2020 Market Trends We are a market driven economy. Housing is no different in any other product or commodity out there. Like any other market it is determined by the supply homes and demand for homebuyers.  This makes it important to look at how many potential purchasers are in the market and how that READ MORE

Seniors Considering Alternatives to Aging in Place

Is ‘Aging in Place’ the Right Decision for You? It is a part of human nature to become attached to the things you are most familiar with. In many cases there can be no better example  than choosing to age in place or downsize to other alternatives. The familiarity of your current home is an important READ MORE