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Most of us have heard it since we were children. “If you are not learning, you are not growing .” Because this is as true today as it has ever been, the Oly Pen family, located in Monetsano, Washington, have firmly entrenched continuing education as a cornerstone philosophy and one of the most important resources we have in our arsenal which continue to enhance our advocacy for buyers and sellers alike!

Never has it been more important than now super competitive market that continues to pose challenges for both buyers and sellers in the Grays Harbor. Since our company first opened Managing Broker Sean Robles has played an important role in helping the entire team with his knowledge and experience. Today, we are pleased to say that knowledge and experience can be multiplied by two.

Congratulations are in order for Meghan McCallum, who has recently learned hard work and diligence has earned her a Managing Broker license.  Congratulations Meghan!

"I am excited," says Meghan adding, "Being a Managing Broker and Mentor at Oly Pen gives me the opportunity to continually learn alongside our newer agents and build stronger connections with everyone on our team."

Managing Broker Meghan McCallum

Managing Broker Sean Robles

Team Mentor Program

Additionally, because of their experience and success, both Megan and Sean have also been named as team mentors for all of our agents.  Between the two, they have a combined real estate experience of over 23 years, almost exclusively in Grays Harbor.

This is not just great news for future brokers who choose to join our Oly Pen Real Estate team, but also for home buyers in home sellers you’re at Grays Harbor.  Managing Broker Sean Robles brings his years of real estate experience to the table. "As a mentor, I can significantly shorten the learning curve of new agents.  What may have taken me years to learn can be passed along in a very short time, allowing agents to thrive right out the gate instead of flounder. We find the mentoring program significantly shortens the learning curve of our new agents."  Meghan adds, "We love getting the difficult questions and helping to arrive at solutions. Sharing our knowledge and experience helps the entire organization learn and grows our business."

Oly Pen Real Estate is fortunate to have the knowledge and skills of both Meghan and Sean.  Please check out their profiles and that of our other team members at https://prolypen.com


Oly Pen Real Estate has a team of trusted real estate professionals to help you navigate changes in our industry. We have a watchful eye on Grays Harbor market so give your Oly Pen Real Estate Team a call today at 360.249.8187 or stop by our office 141 S. Main Street in friendly Montesano, WA and discuss your expectations today!

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