Walter Suess

I wish I could express my gratitude to Sean Robles in more direct ways, meaning that I would
just love to recommend him to all my friends who want to buy a home in Aberdeen or all of
Grays Harbor County, but since I live in Europe for the time being this letter will have to
suffice, until I move back to the US to my new place in Aberdeen.

Since I did the entire search for my new home through the internet I depended entirely on a
person that I could work with confidently and with trust … and Sean Robles simply turned
out to be this person. He worked with me patiently on many different homes, walked me
through endless paperwork, and finally submitted all the closing docs to the title company.

Whenever a situation seemed to get out of hand, i.e., in one case the bank withdrew the
property again from the market for about three months, he was there for me with his even
temper, trying to cheer me up and help me through such situations by pointing out other
options. He never ever pressured me into anything, on the contrary, when we finally had
narrowed the choice down to two houses, he got one of the best home inspectors of the region
for me to go over each property with a fine comb to make absolutely sure that there would not
be any unforeseen glitches hidden somewhere in the homes … well, and one house really
would have proven to contain many of these hidden problem zones … and after we had found
out, Sean very efficiently and tactfully got me out of my original offer on that property again.

Buying a home is nearly always a very stressful endeavor in life, and since I am close to
retirement age … I have been there a number of times, and frankly I seem to be a glitch
magnet with respect to buying and selling homes, BUT honestly Sean has made this last
purchase a relaxed and totally glitch-free event for me and when I came to Aberdeen in March
of 2015 to MY new home, I found everything just the way that Sean had documented it for
me in the process, and thanks to Sean for the first and hopefully the last time in my life I felt
not a moment of buyer’s remorse, on the contrary from the moment I stepped into the house, I
knew that I had made it home … and that is no little feat, and I am very grateful to Sean for
all his help … help that hasn’t stopped after the purchase of the place … Sean and his
wonderful crew of co-workers keep an eye out for my house while I am still overseas and
again, just knowing that Sean is back there gives me the tranquility and peace of mind to
weather the time until I return for good to Aberdeen. – Walter Suess

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